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Developments of Sensor Measurement Systems

1. Outline

    (1) Necessity of Signal Acquisitions from Various Sensors   

          (i.e., Air-Fuel Ratio, Temperature, Pressure) attached onto Automotive and Industrial Devices 

    (2) Limitations in Applicability for Existing Commercial Measurement Systems

          due to Varieties and Types of Sensors and/or Communication Methods

2. Project

    (1) R&D :  Electronic Systems for Various Sensor Signals and Communications 

    (2) Goal :  Applicable, Modifiable, and Affordable Sensor Measurement Modules

3. Research & Developments

  • Process for Sensor Measurement Systems


Developments of Retrofitable DeNOx System

1. Outline

    (1) Of Concerns on Air Pollutants, especially NOx, out of Diesel Engines

    (2) Volumes of On/Off-Road Vehicles and/or Marine Vessels,

          Operating currently WITHOUT Appropriate DeNOx Devices

    (3) Though Legal under Blind-Spots for Established Emissions Regulations,

          but INCORRECT for Sustainability Sakes of Environments and Humanity

    (4) Newer Policy Establishment Required;

          (a) Inducement to Early Abandonment or to Change of Power Sources

          (b) Retrofit Appropriate DeNOx Systems to lessen NOx Emissions

2. Project

    (1) R&D :  A Retrofitable DeNOx System, i.e., Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) of NOx

    (2) Goal : SCR System that is Simple, Affordable, and Expedient (Easy) to Adoption

3. Research & Developments

  • Components for Typical SCR Systems

  • Key Directions of Developments for Retrofitable SCR systems

       ① H/W Affordability

             → Can certain Sensers in Typical SCR system be Removed or Replaced?

                   i.e., Level Sensor in Urea Tank → Possibly by Urea Consumption Modeling,

                          NOx Sensor upstream SCR → Possibly by Engine-Out NOx Modeling, etc.

       ② S/W Symplicity

            → Control Logic should be Independabe from Engine Operating Paramters (ECU),

                 or The Dependancy to ECU should be minimized in Retrofitable Level.

       ③ H/W & S/W Adoptability

            → How flexible to arrage, to place, and to equip around/into Existing Engine Systems

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