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Vehicle Validations base on Real-Roads

• Real Driving Emissions (RDE) Tests with PEMS

• Intensive and Customized Real-Road Vehicle Validations

• Tests for Environmental Extreams and Worst of Worst(WoW) Driving Conditions

• Component or System Tests for Performance, Drivability, Emissions, Diagnosis (OBD),  etc.

Control Improvements & Developments

• EMS(Engine Management Systems) Controls

• ETS(Exhaust Treatment Systems) Controls

• New Power Systems (mild, partial, or full Hybrid EV, EV, and Fuel-Celled Vehicles) Controls

• ADAS(Advanced Driver's Assistant Systems) and Autonomous Driving Control

Technology Consulting & Training

• Current and Future Technologies for Automotive Industies

• Optimazations between Performance and Cost

• Stretagies for Production Quality, for Regulations, and for Field Issues

• Technical Trainings for Automotives and Research & Development (R&D)

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